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Since 1989 we have authored and published quite a few coffee-table volumes and guidebooks – many about tropical marine life, a few about National Parks, and even one about underwater photography. Most of them have been originally published in English; many have been subsequently reprinted since their first edition and later on have been translated in several other languages, including Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. One of them – the coffee-table volume “Oceani Segreti”, a tribute in photos and words to the beauty of tropical marine life – was awarded the coveted World Grand Prize as the Best Book About the Sea at the Antibes International Festival of the Underwater Image in 2004.
The books we have authored – both in words and images – are a wide-spreading and hopefully long-lasting legacy we are quite proud of, as many of them have broken new ground in content and format and have reached tens of thousands of readers worldwide, spreading and sharing information and knowledge about wildlife, its needs and its predicaments. Several of our marine life guidebooks are still being used on a daily basis by thousands of scuba divers worldwide. Hopefully, some of the readers of these books have also developed a conservationist mindset and a new environmental sensitivity thanks to our work.
Despite the reprints, many of our books are now sold out and are currently unavailable on the market, although several can be still found on the used-book market. We have no financial interest whatsoever in the current sales of most of the books we have authored, and we are only offering the following links as a simple source of information to those possibly interested in our work. Just click on the image of the book cover and you’ll be taken to its current Amazon.com page, or its Internet equivalent – but please do remember this is not an online shop.
Thank you for your interest – and have a good read!
Andrea & Antonella Ferrari


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